Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a Kinder Kicks class near me?

Check out the Class Locator found on www.kinder-kicks.com to find a class near you. Contact Kinder Kicks directly at info@kinder-kicks.com or call 888-713-7565.

Can my child try a free class?

Yes. All new families are invited to try out a FREE PREVIEW class at a location of their choice. There are NO free previews for Stay and Play Sessions.

How much do classes cost?

Contact your local Kinder Kicks program for pricing details.

What are the different classes/age groups Kinder Kicks offers?

REMARKABLE ME – AGE Newborn to 18 Months
This is a class where a parent/caregiver and baby get to spend 45 minutes getting a complete workout and having fun! Classes incorporate cardio, abdominal work and strength training for the parent while including tactile, auditory and visual stimulation for your baby. When babies exercise with the important adults in their life, it helps them to bond while establishing fitness as a meaningful part of a healthy life. In each class, babies will feel textures and respond to sounds such as the voice of the instructor and the rhythm of the music.


JUMPING JOEY – Age 18 months to 3 year olds

The Jumping Joey curriculum is designed for parents and toddlers to develop a lifelong love of physical exercise, exploration and learning together. Each class will explore basic motor and social skills, increase physical strength, flexibility and coordination by employing introductory martial art skills and fitness concepts. Meet THE REMARKABLES through stories and demonstration opportunities where skills such as cooperation, following directions, sharing and taking turns are developed. Each story and character concentrates on a specific life lesson which will help children understand the world around them.


LEADERSHIP LION – Age 3 to 5 year olds

The Leadership Lion curriculum nurtures your child’s independence and encourages a positive attitude toward physical exercise through basic martial arts techniques and fitness concepts. Children develop balance, coordination, body awareness and motor skills which help emphasize flexibility, confidence and emotional well-being. Using focused listening and storytelling opportunities, THE REMARKABLES teach life lessons that develop skills such as empathy, leadership and social abilities. Children participate for the first 30 minutes on their own, and parents join in for the last 15 minutes of class!

What are the benefits of joining Kinder Kicks?

Kinder Kicks has so much to offer you and your child. You’ll not only enjoy coming to class each week and build a love of exercise and learning with your child, but also have access to support and guidance on health, nutrition and exercise, parent handouts, special events, product discounts and more.

How do I arrange a birthday party for my child and what's included?

Contact your local Kinder Kicks program for more information on birthday parties.

Referral Bonus

Contact your local Kinder Kicks program for more information.

Why should I register my child in the Kinder Kicks program?

Each curriculum develops cognitive, physical and social skills in children newborn through 5 years old. Children learn through exercise, exploration and play. Our classes feature age-appropriate activities that encourage children to problem-solve and think creatively. An added bonus is that adults exercise alongside their child in each class which gives a positive approach to a healthy lifestyle while allowing each adult to be a part of their child’s early learning development and enjoyment.

How do I make up a missed class?

Kinder Kicks allows all families to catch-up on any missed classes within the same session you are enrolled in and at any venue listed for that business. Missed classes will not be carried over to future sessions. To make up a class please email info@kinder-kicks.com or call 888-713-7565 so that Instructors can prepare for additional children in class.

How do I cancel a class?

Please contact your local Kinder Kicks location directly for class cancellation, email info@kinder-kicks.com, call 888-713-7565 or speak to your instructor.

What is a Stay & Play Session?

Contact your local Kinder Kicks for specific details on Stay and Play sessions.

There are no Kinder Kicks locations near me. Can you start classes in my area?

Kinder Kicks locations are operated by licensee owners. New locations open when an interested and qualified party purchases a license in your area. If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about opening a Kinder Kicks program in your area, please email info@kinder-kicks.com or call 888-713-7565.

Do you sell Kinder Kicks t-shirts and equipment?

Each Kinder Kicks location offers a variety of t-shirts, equipment and other items available for purchase. Have a look in our Kinder Kicks store to learn more about the items we have available for sale, www.kinder-kicks.com.


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