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Learning through play


Great article in The Guardian about learning through play:  benefits, challenges and best practices.  Play can sometimes be mistaken for a waste of valuable learning time, when infact, play is just as important!  Time for a child to explore and work things out for themselves.  It is a time that children also learn how to interact with each other and make friends.  Without play children would always be instructed on what to do, never time to put it in to action.


At Kinder Kicks we try to get a good balance between instructor lead activities and free exploration.  Children and parents can explore and play together and put into practice some of the learning elements that class has offered.  During storytime the children will learn all about one of our characters who will be teaching them a life lesson and martial arts principal including PERSEVERANCE, DISCIPLINE or RESPECT etc.  They will also have the opportunity to put this life lessons into action including when Jumping Joey uses his ENERGY in a positive way to cross the road.  Parents and children are lead by the instructor on how to keep safe and then are encouraged to use their new Green Cross Code counting game whenever they are outside and crossing roads.  This allows for the parent to take the learning of class home, and for the child to process and put into action a very valuable life lesson.  To extend the play further, parents could set up a make believe road in their front room using masking tape and allow their child and their friends to ‘play’ at ‘crossing the road safely’.


What are your child’s favorite ‘play’ time?  @theguardian @parenting @playground

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“Making Healthy Choices – A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids.”


Making healthy choices not just for ourselves but for our children too are all important.  Setting the expectation of what is good and what is not starts as soon as your baby is born.  In this day and age with computers, ipads, iphones etc., information is available at your finger tips.  Playground Magazine is running an article on Kids Nutrition:  Simple Changes = Big Rewards.  Check out these books by Merilee A. Kern – Children’s health advocate, health industry veteran, and two-time fitness champion Merilee Kern is the author of the award-winning, ground-breaking illustrated fictional children’s book, “Making Healthy Choices – A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids.” She may be reached online at www.KidsMakingHealthyChoices.comWe at Kinder Kicks promote a healthy lifestyle as being a positive lifestyle.  What are your top tips on keeping your family happy and healthy?  What information sources do you use to get your information?  We’d love to hear from you. @playground @kidsmakinghealthychoices @merileekern @letsmove @playgroundmagazine

Family Fitness

Workout with Baby


Many parents always say it is so hard to find the time to workout now they have a baby.  Whether it is babys schedule or just the fact that they don’t want to leave baby with anyone to alow them to go to the gym, working out seems an impossible task.  Kinder Kicks was designed with parents in mind.  Imagine a class where you and your littel one get to spend 45 minutes getting a complete workout, learning and having fun together!  No longer do you need to forfeit your workout time – now you get to include fitness and fun with your little one too!  And one of the great things about it is you can take the learning home.  With guidance on health and nutrition and exercise from our top tips of the week, you can build a healthy family lifestyle and exercise regime with support and guidance.


I came across this Dad’s Inspired Baby Workout Video which made me smile.  Moms and dads, what are you waiting for!!!!!  We would love to see your videos and photos of your home exercise regime with your children.  Imagine what great role models you are to positively promote a healthy lifestyle as being a positive lifestyle.  As your child’s most important teacher, I can only see that lifestyle being adopted by your child and passed on to their children.  What is your favorite exercise to do with your little one?  What is your top tip on health & nutrition?  Photos and videos please.  Let’s see if we can help to motivate others to get on the Fit & Healthy train! @MovingSmartNow @busybeesvirtual @huffingtonpost @let’smove @letsmove

Family Fitness

Exercise and Happiness

Happiness Effect


There is lots of research out there to suggest that when you exercise, it makes you feel happy.  I know when I exercise I feel elated, proud, and yes happy.  It really gives you that feel good factor.  Not only do you feel better, but because you feel better you look better.  Mix that exercise with lots of water and BAM – you have a powerful concotion.  What are your favorite exercises that help make you feel happy? @warriorpoweryoga, @elephantjournal,

Family Fitness Holidays


We believe that good health and nutrition, mixed with exercise teaches our children from a very young age that a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle!


Sometimes we get so bogged down with daily chores that we forget to look after oursleves and need ideas and support to get us back on track.


I can’t believe that we are already in to February.  Have all those resolutions been kept?  Are they beginning to wane?  Have a look at the article in the comments box.  It gives great ideas to keep you on track, kick start or invigorate that want  for 2014 to be a healthy year!


“Moms”…what went well for you this week?  What tips can you share with others to help them keep on track with their healthy 2014 motivation?