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Some of the things I hear on my journeys are… My child is a picky eater. What do you feed your toddler? I need to make my meals more exciting. I’m so worried about my child, he never eats…. I so remember when I asked all of those very same questions and always looked to others to help with ideas and influences. I did eventually take my son to the doctor and tell him he just never eats! He checked his weight, he seemed a happy little boy and there was nothing to tell him there was something wrong, he turned and said, “When he is hungry he will eat! ” It did not make me feel any better at the time as I just kept worrying but…… he was right! I can’t feed him enough any more. He is always hungry. He is growing 🙂 And I am so very happy to feed him. However I want to make sure that what I feed him is good, nutritional and healthy. There are so many resources out there and in this day and age of obesity, it is good to look into what we give our children. Just because its healthy, it does not have to be boring. have a great page on how to make your child’s food exciting AND healthy too! Fun strategies and mom-tested ideas for encouraging your kids to eat better, be healthier, and enjoy their food. What food does your child like? If you have a picky eater, how do you help them be less picky? @parents @familyfun @americanbaby

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Candy-less Valentines



Yes!  It’s that time of year when the valentines sugar rush comes to fruition.  As a mom who loves to promote healthy eating and exercise, I loved the alternative to the sugar rush Valentines treat.  Candy-less valentines are a great idea to treat children, make them feel special AND keep the sugar rush to a complete minimum.  The thought that goes into a Candy-less valentine also makes it that little bit more special 🙂 What is your favorite Candy-less Valentines treat ideas? Happy Valentines everyone! @nobiggie, @babycenter @thecraftingchicks @parenting