Easter Egg Hunt – Ideas and Tradition

Easter Egg Hunt ideas

I have loved building traditions into our family routines throughout the year. One of our most favorite has been our family Easter Egg Hunt. It has slowly grown over the years to include family, neighbors and friends and is one of the funniest highlights of the year watching children and grown ups all scrambling around to fill their baskets with eggs. It is always over way too quickly with the older children being able to monopolise on the hidden eggs. Along the way I have picked up some great ideas on how best to give everyone the opportunity to have an equal amount of eggs and therefore the little ones not being left out.

One idea that stands out is to put age groups into egg colors. Up to 3 year olds pick up PINK eggs only. 4-6 year olds pick up only GREEN eggs. 7-9 year olds only get BLUE eggs etc etc. This way they are equal in age and you wold hope there would be an equal share of the loot. As they get older you can hide the eggs far more giving them more of a challenge.

I attended an Easter Party on Saturday and was in awe of the Easter Egg Hunt that was prepared with meticulous planning by Nancy, mom to Zachary. She chose a disney character for each child and printed a sheet of paper out with each childs name beside their chosen disney character. She then cut out 20 each of those characters and attached them to each individual plastic egg. These eggs were small, medium and very very large. She then gave each parent a picture list of all the characters and the childs name that was assigned to each disney character. In the park there we re 100’s of eggs all spread out. The children and parents were told they had to find ONLY the eggs with their chosen disney character stuck on each egg and that each child would have 20 eggs to find. So….. going back to my earlier comment about Easter Egg hunts being over so quickly, this was a MAGNIFICENT idea. Each child young and old had to look and look for their disney character egg. Parents looked, grandparents looked and it turned into a family activity that took 30 minutes plus. There was lots of teamwork and children and adults young and old had the best time. Also each child had the same amount of eggs so everyone was happy 🙂

Kinder Kicks is adapting this idea using the Kinder Kicks Remarkable Me characters. Each child in class will be assigned a Remarkable Character and will have to find that character on each egg before placing the egg in their basket. Lots of fun and independent learning 🙂 What are your Easter Egg Hunt ideas and traditions?

Health & Nutrition Holidays

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Yes!  It’s that time of year when the valentines sugar rush comes to fruition.  As a mom who loves to promote healthy eating and exercise, I loved the alternative to the sugar rush Valentines treat.  Candy-less valentines are a great idea to treat children, make them feel special AND keep the sugar rush to a complete minimum.  The thought that goes into a Candy-less valentine also makes it that little bit more special 🙂 What is your favorite Candy-less Valentines treat ideas? Happy Valentines everyone! @nobiggie, @babycenter @thecraftingchicks @parenting

Family Fitness Holidays


We believe that good health and nutrition, mixed with exercise teaches our children from a very young age that a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle!


Sometimes we get so bogged down with daily chores that we forget to look after oursleves and need ideas and support to get us back on track.


I can’t believe that we are already in to February.  Have all those resolutions been kept?  Are they beginning to wane?  Have a look at the article in the comments box.  It gives great ideas to keep you on track, kick start or invigorate that want  for 2014 to be a healthy year!


“Moms”…what went well for you this week?  What tips can you share with others to help them keep on track with their healthy 2014 motivation?