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Spotlight on a Kinder Kicks Family


Each month we want to spotlight one of our Kinder Kicks families.  This month I want everyone to meet The Laufer Family and to read about their experience in Kinder Kicks so far……..


1. Parents names:  Brian and Terrie Laufer


2. Child’s (children’s) first name and age(s): Charlotte, 2


3. How many Kinder Kicks sessions have you been enrolled in? One (fall 2013) and we are currently enrolled in the Spring 2014 session


4. Describe your child’s (children’s) personality: Charlotte is sweet, funny and energetic. People usually describe her as “busy” because she rarely stays in one place for long and she always has a plan for not only what she’s doing right now, but also what she will be doing next. She’s also really loving and encouraging; she’s the first person to cheer you on and say “you can do it!” or give you a hug and say “it’s ok!”


5. What is your favorite part of Kinder Kicks class? Why? I love all the different activities and all the ways the class keeps my child engaged. As a parent with a child who never sits still for longer than a few minutes, this aspect of the class is perfect! And even better, I feel like she is mastering different skills as we progress through class.


6. What is your child’s favorite part of Kinder Kicks class? Charlotte loves playing with the other children and all the different “toys” that we get to use during class. She also loves to help pick up toys and roll up the story blanket when it’s time to change activities.


7. How do you feel your child (children) has benefited from participating in Kinder Kicks? I love the Remarkables; we use the lessons we learn from Jumping Joey, Yoga Yak, etc on a regular basis outside of class. I also love the different physical skills that Charlotte has learned in class. It’s amazing to see that in the past few months she has learned how to do jumping jacks and different kinds of kicks.


8. How has Kinder Kicks served as a source of enrichment for you and your child (children)? The lessons we learn from the Remarkables has given me a language to use when talking to Charlotte about important concepts that I might not have known how to approach on my own.


9. Which Kinder Kicks character does your child like best (Leadership Lion, Jumping Joey, Black Belt Baboon, etc.)? Definitely Jumping Joey!


10. Have any of the Life Lesson stories target a subject that you and/or your child identifies with? If so, which one? How? My daughter has a pretty strong personality, so she tends to get upset about things pretty easily. We try to reinforce Yoga Yak and her deep breaths and concentration to help Charlotte calm down and not lose her temper.


11. Any comments you’d like to add? We’ve really fallen in love with Kinder Kicks and we’re so glad we found it at this point in our daughter’s life! It’s been the perfect outlet for our energetic two year old to learn and have fun!

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