Features and Benefits

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Both parent and children get to exercise, learn and have fun together in class and at home. This confirms to each family that a healthy lifestyle is a positive lifestyle and enhances the relationship between parent and child.
Every Kinder Kicks program provides developmentally appropriate and engaging activities that utilize physical exercise, introductory martial arts skills, listening, exploration, stories and learning through sensory play. Kinder Kicks meets early learning and development goals which involves every aspect of the developing child: personal, social, emotional, communication, language, cognitive, creative and physical development as well as knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
Both parent and children get to exercise, learn and have fun together in class and at home. Each character has a character word associated to them (i.e. self-control, respect, perseverance etc.) and a character movement (i.e. rolling, throwing, jumping, etc).  This helps the children remember and understand more about each character and how different they are to each other.
The Remarkables life lesson series unique to Kinder Kicks. Children learn about sharing, perseverance, keeping your word, and respect through age appropriate life lesson stories written specifically for the Kinder Kicks program.
Weekly take home pages to support families in maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Parents have the understanding and confidence in knowing the benefit behind health, nutrition and exercise in a weekly guide which enables them to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime at home.
Kinder Kicks materials for the classroom include the highest quality equipment and wide variety of music which enables activities to be creative and fun! You’ll have the right tools to help you bring the benefits of exercise and learning into your child’s life forever.
Kinder Kicks is a unique program based on strong principles and methods of learning that is founded on years of experience drawn from highly trained sports, fitness, music and martial arts practitioners. Choosing Kinder Kicks will give families the ability to exercise, listen, learn and play together while being encouraged and supported in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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