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Many parents always say it is so hard to find the time to workout now they have a baby.  Whether it is babys schedule or just the fact that they don’t want to leave baby with anyone to alow them to go to the gym, working out seems an impossible task.  Kinder Kicks was designed with parents in mind.  Imagine a class where you and your littel one get to spend 45 minutes getting a complete workout, learning and having fun together!  No longer do you need to forfeit your workout time – now you get to include fitness and fun with your little one too!  And one of the great things about it is you can take the learning home.  With guidance on health and nutrition and exercise from our top tips of the week, you can build a healthy family lifestyle and exercise regime with support and guidance.


I came across this Dad’s Inspired Baby Workout Video which made me smile.  Moms and dads, what are you waiting for!!!!!  We would love to see your videos and photos of your home exercise regime with your children.  Imagine what great role models you are to positively promote a healthy lifestyle as being a positive lifestyle.  As your child’s most important teacher, I can only see that lifestyle being adopted by your child and passed on to their children.  What is your favorite exercise to do with your little one?  What is your top tip on health & nutrition?  Photos and videos please.  Let’s see if we can help to motivate others to get on the Fit & Healthy train! @MovingSmartNow @busybeesvirtual @huffingtonpost @let’smove @letsmove

Family Spotlight

Spotlight on a Kinder Kicks Family


Each month we want to spotlight one of our Kinder Kicks families.  This month I want everyone to meet The Laufer Family and to read about their experience in Kinder Kicks so far……..


1. Parents names:  Brian and Terrie Laufer


2. Child’s (children’s) first name and age(s): Charlotte, 2


3. How many Kinder Kicks sessions have you been enrolled in? One (fall 2013) and we are currently enrolled in the Spring 2014 session


4. Describe your child’s (children’s) personality: Charlotte is sweet, funny and energetic. People usually describe her as “busy” because she rarely stays in one place for long and she always has a plan for not only what she’s doing right now, but also what she will be doing next. She’s also really loving and encouraging; she’s the first person to cheer you on and say “you can do it!” or give you a hug and say “it’s ok!”


5. What is your favorite part of Kinder Kicks class? Why? I love all the different activities and all the ways the class keeps my child engaged. As a parent with a child who never sits still for longer than a few minutes, this aspect of the class is perfect! And even better, I feel like she is mastering different skills as we progress through class.


6. What is your child’s favorite part of Kinder Kicks class? Charlotte loves playing with the other children and all the different “toys” that we get to use during class. She also loves to help pick up toys and roll up the story blanket when it’s time to change activities.


7. How do you feel your child (children) has benefited from participating in Kinder Kicks? I love the Remarkables; we use the lessons we learn from Jumping Joey, Yoga Yak, etc on a regular basis outside of class. I also love the different physical skills that Charlotte has learned in class. It’s amazing to see that in the past few months she has learned how to do jumping jacks and different kinds of kicks.


8. How has Kinder Kicks served as a source of enrichment for you and your child (children)? The lessons we learn from the Remarkables has given me a language to use when talking to Charlotte about important concepts that I might not have known how to approach on my own.


9. Which Kinder Kicks character does your child like best (Leadership Lion, Jumping Joey, Black Belt Baboon, etc.)? Definitely Jumping Joey!


10. Have any of the Life Lesson stories target a subject that you and/or your child identifies with? If so, which one? How? My daughter has a pretty strong personality, so she tends to get upset about things pretty easily. We try to reinforce Yoga Yak and her deep breaths and concentration to help Charlotte calm down and not lose her temper.


11. Any comments you’d like to add? We’ve really fallen in love with Kinder Kicks and we’re so glad we found it at this point in our daughter’s life! It’s been the perfect outlet for our energetic two year old to learn and have fun!


Stories to inspire!



Childern love to listen to stories.  Whether it is at the library or snuggled up on their parents lap, stories do inspire!  I have loved to watch my son learn to love books and as time has gone on, I have loved to listen to him tell stories in his own words.  It was always a tradition in our house that every night before the lights went out, we would read to him.  We would take it in turns both my husband and I and it was one of the highlights of not just our day, but our son’s too.  I loved listening to my son asking my husband all sorts of questions about the book he read.  Then the questions would relay a story about my husband’s childhood and beyond.  Now my son LOVES to ask his daddy……”Tell me a story about you when you were a little boy!”.  I can feel my heart swell as his stories unfold and I see our son lapping up every last minute of what life was like for his daddy when he was a boy.  Truly inspiring!


In Kinder Kicks we aim to teach children life skills through the eyes of our characters.  Stories that open up questions and allow questions to be asked.  Jumping Joey is full of ENERGY.  He is excited that Leadership Lioness is taking him home after class.  He is so excited that he jumps and jumps and jumps, as kangaroos like to do.  But what he forgets is that the road is a dangerous place.  Jumping Joey helps to teach the children the Green Cross Code which helps them to cross the road safely and always with a grownup. :


1.  STOP by the side of the road and hold a grown ups hand.


2.  Everybody look LEFT.


3.  Everybody look RIGHT.


4.  Everybody look LEFT again.


5.  Everybody listen………….listen………….can you hear anything coming?  Can you see anything coming?  Is it safe to cross the road?  If it is then hold on to your grownups hand and walk, walk, walk looking left and right all the way across the road.


Jumping Joey teaches the children that its GREAT to have energy but….. they must always keep safe.


One of the best pieces of advice I was given when my son was a baby was to MAKE BOOKS ACCESIBLE.  Books are to be enjoyed just like toys.  To love a book, children need to explore, taste, play with books.  To put them up high makes them less fun.  Have a basket of books down low that your child can freely explore and watch their interest and inspiration grow!


What is a story that inspires your child? @huffingtonpost, @parenting, @playground

Family Fitness

Exercise and Happiness

Happiness Effect


There is lots of research out there to suggest that when you exercise, it makes you feel happy.  I know when I exercise I feel elated, proud, and yes happy.  It really gives you that feel good factor.  Not only do you feel better, but because you feel better you look better.  Mix that exercise with lots of water and BAM – you have a powerful concotion.  What are your favorite exercises that help make you feel happy? @warriorpoweryoga, @elephantjournal,

Health & Nutrition Holidays

Candy-less Valentines



Yes!  It’s that time of year when the valentines sugar rush comes to fruition.  As a mom who loves to promote healthy eating and exercise, I loved the alternative to the sugar rush Valentines treat.  Candy-less valentines are a great idea to treat children, make them feel special AND keep the sugar rush to a complete minimum.  The thought that goes into a Candy-less valentine also makes it that little bit more special 🙂 What is your favorite Candy-less Valentines treat ideas? Happy Valentines everyone! @nobiggie, @babycenter @thecraftingchicks @parenting

Family Fitness Holidays


We believe that good health and nutrition, mixed with exercise teaches our children from a very young age that a healthy lifestyle is a happy lifestyle!


Sometimes we get so bogged down with daily chores that we forget to look after oursleves and need ideas and support to get us back on track.


I can’t believe that we are already in to February.  Have all those resolutions been kept?  Are they beginning to wane?  Have a look at the article in the comments box.  It gives great ideas to keep you on track, kick start or invigorate that want  for 2014 to be a healthy year!


“Moms”…what went well for you this week?  What tips can you share with others to help them keep on track with their healthy 2014 motivation?

Family Spotlight


1. Your first name:  

Tiffany Walker


2. Child’s (children’s) first name and age(s):

Linken – 3 years old

Landon – 1 years old


3. How many Kinder Kicks sessions have you been enrolled in?

After these fall classes end, we will have been to 32 classes/sessions (16 classes in the spring and 16 this fall).  Linken started Kinder-Kicks in January 2013.  


4. Describe your child’s (children’s) personality: 

Linken is very outgoing, upbeat, thoughtful, funny, loving, adventurous, intelligent, friendly, silly, and high-energy.


5. What is your favorite part of Kinder Kicks class? Why?

a) I like that the class is constant.  The instructor always knows what she is doing and what comes next.  I never felt like I had to wait around for the instructor to gather her things, read her notes, etc. 

b.) I enjoy seeing Linken’s face light up when he sees his instructor(s) and his friends.  

c.)  I like that there is variety in the activities, stories, equipment used, etc.  


6. What is your child’s favorite part of Kinder Kicks class?

Linken said he enjoys “jumping, swinging with Mrs. Katrina, running, getting a stamp at the end of class, listening to stories, learning about the characters, and the obstacle course(s).” 


7. How do you feel your child (children) has benefited from participating in Kinder Kicks?

I think Linken has benefited greatly from the Kinder Kicks program.  He has grown so much in the year that he has attended.  He is more outgoing, he has learned to be patient, confident, and focused.  


8. How has Kinder Kicks served as a source of enrichment for you and your child (children)?

The Kinder Kicks program has enriched Linken’s and my life by bring us closer together and having something that we do, together.   He and I looked forward, each week, to going to class. 


9. Which Kinder Kicks character does your child like best (Leadership Lion, Jumping Joey, Black Belt Baboon, etc.)?

Linken says he likes “Jumping Joey, Yoga Yak, Board Breaking Turtle, and Spinning Seal.  I like all of them mommy.”  

Linken talks about all of the characters at home.  He likes showing my husband, his daddy, what he learned at karate class from the characters and that Jumping Joey has a lot of energy, Black Belt Baboon has a lot of power, and Yoga Yak has a lot of concentration.


10. Have any of the Life Lesson stories target a subject that you and/or your child identifies with? If so, which one? How?

Linken was in a phase where if he didn’t get his way, he would hit.  By listening to the stories, in karate class, it helped him understand that it not nice to hit, mommy, daddy, or anyone.  

Linken really enjoyed to story of 5 (about safety when crossing the street); where you 1 – hold your parent’s hand, 2- look left, 3-look right, 4-look left again, 5-listen.  Everywhere we go now, he counts, and does all of the steps, tells me if a car is coming and when can cross the street.


11. Any comments you’d like to add?

I feel that the Kinder Kicks program is a great way for any parent and child(children) to have something fun to do together.  You, and your child, not only learn great life lessons, but create wonderful memories.  I have recommended the Kinder Kicks program to a number of friends.  


If you would like to find out more about Kinder Kicks, e-mail

Walker Family Spotlight


Teaching Toddlers to Have Courage

Kinder Kicks is so much more than a fun filled hour of fitness-centered activities for toddlers and moms. It is also a time to instill important values that will take root and grow in a little one’s forming personality. So, this month our Leadership Lions kids are learning all about having Courage from our featured character, Leadership Lion.


Why should we be working toward raising courageous children? Quite simply, courage is one of the most essential character traits a child needs to develop. Courage is like the fuel that drives us to chase our dreams and reach new milestones.


As young parents, you have either recently witnessed, or are soon to watch, your child learn to walk. A cruiser who is a wannabe toddler will try to let go of whatever they’re holding onto for support to take that first step, and invariably fall to the floor. She will get back up and try again and again and again. No matter how many times she goes down, she’ll get back up and go for it. That’s because children are naturally ambitious and eager to master new skills. The more opportunities a little one has to confront challenges, the more likely they’ll be to be willing to face them head on.


Whether your child is learning to crawl or learning to ride a bike, trying new foods or making new friends, facing the pediatrician or a test in school, courage is the propellant that gives children the ambition to achieve.


Courage comes in many forms. It can by physical – like jumping into a swimming pool. It can be emotional – like separating from mom to participate independently in Kinder Kicks class. And, it can be moral – like doing the right thing even when that’s not the easy choice. Having courage often feels difficult and can even be scary, but it is a fundamental element to instill in our children so they learn to lead and not follow, achieve their goals, and make good decisions.


This month, The Remarkables character Leadership Lion is teaching our 3-5 year olds about courage through a Life Lesson Story called The Yellow Belt Test. Jumping Joey is afraid to take his belt test to earn the next rank in his martial arts class, so Leadership Lion encourages him to be strong and not let his fears hold him back.


“Courage is a big word. It means to be brave about the things that scare you.”  -Leadership Lion




You can teach your child to have courage in the following ways:

  1. Encourage Independence: No one wants to be the dreaded “Helicopter Mom.” Let your child try new things, a little at a time, and praise their efforts.
  2. Prepare for the Unknown: Most toddlers (and even a few grown ups) get worried in new situations. Whether it’s a medical procedure, heading to preschool, or even a trip to a place as seemingly wonderful as Disney World, can be overwhelming for your little one. Help your child prepare for the unknown by reading stories about the upcoming event. Go online and show pictures of where you will go or what you will see. And talk them through what they can expect to experience. Children who are well informed are much more courageous than those caught off-guard
  3. Don’t Let Your Fears Become Your Child’s: Perhaps you have a fear of dogs or clowns (after all, clowns are creepy, right?). Make your best effort to not let your fears deny your child the opportunity to embrace friendly dogs and happy clowns.

Do you have a helpful tip for teaching courage? Post it in the comments below and have a Remarkable Day!


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