Stay and Play


A Stay and Play Session is 1.5 hours of play for parents and children. The class is geared for children ages newborn to 5 years old but older siblings are welcomed. The beginning of the 1.5 hour session is like an open gym. The Kinder Kicks obstacle course items are set up along with a variety of toys and props so the babies and older children can explore and play with their parents. The next part of the class is “Structured Play”. The structured part of the class uses curriculum from all 3 age groups (Remarkable Me, Jumping Joey and Leadership Lion) combined so that everyone can participate and have fun. Children and parents will participate in activities such as storytelling, 4 corners of different drills, form group circles and take turns following different directions such as jumping, crawling and running. At the end of each Stay and Play Session we make announcements, offer Specials and Discounts and also raffle off a prize!