Change your focus. Change your mindset.


In class for the month of March Blocking Bear has been teaching us all about FOCUS. The ability to think about one thing really really hard.  This morning I read a great blog by Kelley Ranaudo about changing your focus.  She starts off by saying “Change your Focus.  Change your mindset.  Feeling good is what makes the day better and what keeps you going.”  We teach our children to FOCUS on what they are doing and to use their PERSEVERANCE to never give up.  Kelley hit it on the head.  We do need to change our focus so that we can change the things that bother us on a daily basis.  Very regularly I hear people talk about them having to lose weight, or eat more healthily but they are too busy to think about it and act on it.  Well today is Monday and today I think we should all take a leaf out of Kelley Ranaudo’s book – Change your FOCUS, change your MINDSET – no excuses! As well as teaching our children, we also have to not forget about ourselves. A new day, a new you. What changes are you going to make and focus on today?