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Learning through play


Great article in The Guardian about learning through play:  benefits, challenges and best practices.  Play can sometimes be mistaken for a waste of valuable learning time, when infact, play is just as important!  Time for a child to explore and work things out for themselves.  It is a time that children also learn how to interact with each other and make friends.  Without play children would always be instructed on what to do, never time to put it in to action.


At Kinder Kicks we try to get a good balance between instructor lead activities and free exploration.  Children and parents can explore and play together and put into practice some of the learning elements that class has offered.  During storytime the children will learn all about one of our characters who will be teaching them a life lesson and martial arts principal including PERSEVERANCE, DISCIPLINE or RESPECT etc.  They will also have the opportunity to put this life lessons into action including when Jumping Joey uses his ENERGY in a positive way to cross the road.  Parents and children are lead by the instructor on how to keep safe and then are encouraged to use their new Green Cross Code counting game whenever they are outside and crossing roads.  This allows for the parent to take the learning of class home, and for the child to process and put into action a very valuable life lesson.  To extend the play further, parents could set up a make believe road in their front room using masking tape and allow their child and their friends to ‘play’ at ‘crossing the road safely’.


What are your child’s favorite ‘play’ time?  @theguardian @parenting @playground