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Childern love to listen to stories.  Whether it is at the library or snuggled up on their parents lap, stories do inspire!  I have loved to watch my son learn to love books and as time has gone on, I have loved to listen to him tell stories in his own words.  It was always a tradition in our house that every night before the lights went out, we would read to him.  We would take it in turns both my husband and I and it was one of the highlights of not just our day, but our son’s too.  I loved listening to my son asking my husband all sorts of questions about the book he read.  Then the questions would relay a story about my husband’s childhood and beyond.  Now my son LOVES to ask his daddy……”Tell me a story about you when you were a little boy!”.  I can feel my heart swell as his stories unfold and I see our son lapping up every last minute of what life was like for his daddy when he was a boy.  Truly inspiring!


In Kinder Kicks we aim to teach children life skills through the eyes of our characters.  Stories that open up questions and allow questions to be asked.  Jumping Joey is full of ENERGY.  He is excited that Leadership Lioness is taking him home after class.  He is so excited that he jumps and jumps and jumps, as kangaroos like to do.  But what he forgets is that the road is a dangerous place.  Jumping Joey helps to teach the children the Green Cross Code which helps them to cross the road safely and always with a grownup. :


1.  STOP by the side of the road and hold a grown ups hand.


2.  Everybody look LEFT.


3.  Everybody look RIGHT.


4.  Everybody look LEFT again.


5.  Everybody listen………….listen………….can you hear anything coming?  Can you see anything coming?  Is it safe to cross the road?  If it is then hold on to your grownups hand and walk, walk, walk looking left and right all the way across the road.


Jumping Joey teaches the children that its GREAT to have energy but….. they must always keep safe.


One of the best pieces of advice I was given when my son was a baby was to MAKE BOOKS ACCESIBLE.  Books are to be enjoyed just like toys.  To love a book, children need to explore, taste, play with books.  To put them up high makes them less fun.  Have a basket of books down low that your child can freely explore and watch their interest and inspiration grow!


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Our three year old loves the book No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. She’ll recite it to us while turning the pages and is really enthusiastic with it! She also enjoys the Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear book and it makes me smile as she mispronounces some of the words. Flamingo is mingo and that is fine by me!

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